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About the Firm

      Originally Rubel, Rosenblum & Bianco, LLP, which was formed on September 1, 1993, Rosenblum & Bianco, LLP was created on January 1, 2009 in an effort to provide its clients with superior legal representation in both Landlord-Tenant litigation and related Real Estate matters. Josh Rosenblum and John Bianco each have over twenty-five (25) years experience practicing in the areas of and understanding the continuously growing issues in landlord-tenant law. The firm was created to focus on the needs of landlords and provide an even higher level of expertise than ever before.  

     Our Landlord-Tenant Department has attorneys in all five boroughs on a daily basis and provides our clients with comprehensive representation in all matters related to management of real property. While the majority of the landlord-tenant work our firm practices involves Housing Court eviction proceedings, our firm also represents many of our clients in matters related to building ownership and management, including representation at DHCR and other administrative agencies. We are also fully familiar with all of the Section 8 Laws and Programs administered by HPD, NYCHA and directly by HUD, commercial landlord-tenant matters, commercial lease negotiation, coop and condominium representation, as well as many other facets of real estate management. Also, a Collection Department is currently being formed.

     Our firm prepares and monitors cases from beginning to end and our proprietary software system allows us to monitor the status of each case, prompting for timely conversion of cases from demand to dispossess, all the way through to eviction.  All clients also have access to our web based system by securely logging onto our website at  The client is presented with a user name and password provided by our firm so they can easily access their cases, calendars, warrant/eviction reports, billing information, etc.

     Our firm works closely with City Marshals in all boroughs as well as upstate New York to aid in expeditious evictions. Our process servers serve all legal documents throughout the five boroughs as well as Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties.

    Our clients range from large real estate management firms to small landlords and we believe that no matter how big or small our client may be, our experience and dedication to them will make Rosenblum & Bianco, LLP one of the most respected landlord-tenant law firms in New York.